A Loyal Customer
& A Thankful Volunteer

“I have been a customer of FirstLook Boutiques for many years. I work up the street from the thrift shop, and get off at 10:00am just as the shop opens. I’ve made a lot of friends at the shop over the years that come and go, but have kept a few that I’ve gotten close to. My house caught fire, and we lost nearly everything. If it hadn’t been for FirstLook and my friends watching out for me, I don’t know what we would have done. Every time I walked in the shop, which is almost every day, someone would ask, ‘Do you have dishes? Do you need lamps? Hey, do you have a coat? (I didn’t.) Do you need any clothes? Look at this I’ve saved for you.’ My point being, that not only did I have a valuable resource for the replacement of lost items, but I gained a FirstLook family who cared to make sure that I had what I needed and kept my spirits up with words of encouragement and HUGS, which was and is the best of all!”
– A Loyal FirstLook Boutiques Customer

“In 2017, I walked through the doors of FirstLook Boutique to do my 40 hours of community service I had been given for a DWI. Little did I know that this place and these people would pull on my heart strings and lead me to my purpose. I loved this place, the people, the atmosphere, but most of all, the pro-life cause that FirstLook supports so much that I asked if I could stay on as a volunteer. Can I just say, I was told yes, and boy, the plan God had for me and FirstLook was so much more than I could have imagined! I feel as I help others, I nourish something deep within myself. I become healthier and happier, and as a result, even more available for others. Serving others by working at the thrift store gives me such joy. It is the highlight of my week. Helping others is one of the ways that I maintain and strengthen my social connections. It gives me a sense of belonging. I have made new friends and connections within the community. Being kind and helpful makes me happier and gives me a sense of purpose and meaning.”
– A Thankful FirstLook Boutiques Volunteer

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