Mission & Values

Embracing Life

The mission of FirstLook is to lead Ellis County to embrace Life by promoting best sexual health practices and providing family support in the name of Jesus Christ.


Whether a potential client is searching for answers online or walking through our doors for the first time, when they come across our center we want it to convey a safe, comforting place for anyone seeking support. As we build a relationship with each individual, we want our center, to represent the hope and freedom that comes with being informed, supported, and loved.

We are guided by the following values:

Sanctity of Life

Every human life has value from conception to natural death.

Authentic Relationships

Face-to-face interpersonal relationships built on trust are essential to an abundant life.

Wholistic Care

Ministering to mind, body, and spirit is essential to a healthy life.

Christlike Compassion

We love others because Christ loves us.

Unified Commitment

We humbly lead and serve best when we focus with single-minded determination.