All Things Made New

 By Rena Hight

Many times at the FirstLook Boutiques we get items that some may think are old,

no longer usable, out of date, or just aren’t wanted anymore. But then one day a customer comes in that has a creative eye and can see past its worn, faded, undesirable state. They purchase the old item in excitement, take it home eager to work with it, and transform it into something beautiful! We never know exactly what the story is behind each item that is donated to our boutiques, but we do know if it gets into the right hands and is shown some TLC it can be transformed into a beautiful masterpiece.

Just like with people, we don’t always know their past;

we don’t know their present, but we do know that they are created in God’s image. Therefore, each life is a masterpiece. When you take the time to give another person some TLC, God may use you in some small way to bring about transformation in his or her life. Just like when a customer purchases an item and pours into it new life.

That is what has happened to those of us who are Christians.

The world sees us as ugly, worn, tattered, and undesirable, but God sees us as worthy, beautiful, and desirable because of Christ Jesus and His death on the cross and blood shed for us. The truth is, you are new.

The Bible verses below reveal that God has made and is making all things new–this includes you.

As believers, our hope ultimately rests in the promise that Christ will come back for us one day and make all things new. “And the One sitting on the throne said, ‘Look, I am making everything new!’” Revelation 21:5

God is Making Everything New

God Restores

God Resurrects

Are you living in the truth that God can bring new life to your soul each day?

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