The Lord Redeems

By Kristi Schott, A FirstLook Client Coordinator

Stacy came to FirstLook very serious in her determination that abortion was the best choice for her. She was open to giving her reasons for coming to this conclusion. First, she said she lost several sources of income because of COVID-19, and second, one of her children, as well as another loved one, were in the high risk category for the virus. She was not confident that her relationship with the father was strong enough, and highly doubted it would be good to bring a child into this world of chaos. Finally, she was concerned that her use of the Plan B medication a few weeks prior could have deformed the baby. Stacy’s hopelessness was palpable.

After listening and empathizing with her thoughts and feelings, I spoke to her about the development of her baby and went over important information about abortion, adoption and parenting. When asked, Stacy indicated she would like to speak with someone who had previously made the decision for an abortion. I told her that I had made the decision to have an abortion in the past, and if she wanted I could tell her about my experience. She said yes.

I told her of my thoughts and feelings I experienced and what happened in the procedure room. I told her how my next child was born at 26 weeks and spent 2.5 months on a ventilator. The following pregnancy required me to be on bed rest 3 months before delivery. In addition, the father and I kept our choice to abort our first baby a secret for over 20 years. I explained how when I saw the 12 week infant feet pin for the first time, I decided not to keep it a secret any longer. My abortion healing began through a one-on-one study with a lay counselor. While doing my homework one day, the thought came to give that precious baby a name. The next thought was to name the baby Hope. I told Stacy how I cried at the thought of naming the baby Hope, because I felt so hopeless. Stacy thanked me for sharing my story.

She was then counseled and cared for by Liz, one of our nurses. During her ultrasound, Stacy saw her baby’s heart beating. Liz answered her questions and concerns about the Plan B medication with medically accurate information that seemed to help her feel more comfortable. She was invited by the nurse to come back the next week to do a repeat ultrasound so Stacy could bring the father of the baby.

Thankfully, Stacy chose to meet with Hugh, one of our Spiritual Mentors, and was ministered to through his encouragement, God’s Word and prayer. When Stacy left that day, she wrote on her Exit Form that she decided to choose parenting.

The following week, Stacy returned with the father so he could see his baby on the ultrasound. While Stacy was lying on the table, she looked up at me with peaceful eyes and said that she was feeling much calmer this week. She relayed how they told their children that they were going to have a little brother or sister, and then she smiled while saying one of them told her that she needed to take good care of herself because she had a baby inside of her. The father saw his baby’s heart beating on the ultrasound and was pleased.

Stacy and her baby’s father met with Hugh, the same Spiritual Mentor she had seen the week before, and he talked to, prayed with and ministered to them. As they were leaving that day, the father expressed his gratitude for FirstLook and the spiritual support that was provided for his family.

Stacy did not know that she had been cared for and ministered to by 3 individuals who each have a precious child in heaven. What a beautiful opportunity we have at FirstLook to redeem our stories of loss and be here for men and women who need hope and the great Hope Giver, Jesus Christ.

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