A First Look at Hope

By Alisha Woodall

The phone rang. “Hello, FirstLook Center.” 

“I’m looking to have an abortion. Is this the right place to go to?”

“We provide options counseling, pregnancy tests, and ultrasounds at no charge. Would you like to schedule an appointment to confirm your pregnancy and discuss your options?”


A hopeless Sara arrived at FirstLook with her boyfriend, Owen. She followed the nurse to the exam room where the nurse explained what Sara could expect throughout her appointment.     

The nurse spent 30 minutes talking with Sara and getting to know her before she asked for the urine sample. Sara was surprised by how respected and reassured she felt after talking with the nurse.

Soon after the test, Sara was introduced to her Client Coordinator. Another person who genuinely cared by asking, “Tell me the story of Sara and how you arrived here today.” As Sara answered, she heard the truth about her life decisions and forgotten dreams in her own words. Together, they went through educational brochures about her options: parenting, abortion, adoption. 

“I just can’t keep it, because Owen won’t commit to helping and we don’t have the finances.” 

Internally, Sara struggled because she knew abortion did not align with her beliefs, but it was two reasons against one. She felt trapped and alone.

The nurse soon returned, announcing, “Your pregnancy test was positive, so we’re going to do an ultrasound. Is there anyone in the waiting room you would like to be present for the ultrasound?” Sara wanted Owen to see his baby for himself.

With the lights dimmed, the young, expectant couple watched the monitor in silence as what resembled a tiny teddy graham wiggled around inside of Sara. 

Owen’s eyes suddenly widened when the nurse pointed out the baby’s heartbeat. When asked what he would like to see happen with the baby, he answered, “I want to keep the baby.” In that moment of flickering heartbeats, Owen’s own heart began to soften towards the reality that he was seeing his own very first child.

Sara allowed herself to smile for the first time in 9 weeks. When she and Owen left FirstLook, the pair felt empowered to make a healthy decision. While they were still nervous about the future, they were grateful they found FirstLook and connected with an entire team ready to care for them, offer hope, and guide them in their path forward… together.

Note: This is a true FirstLook story. Only the names have been changed to protect client identities.

FirstLook is leading Ellis County to embrace life by promoting best sexual health practices and providing family support in the name of Jesus Christ. We focus on real lives, real stories, and real impacts being made thanks to the positive, life-affirming alternatives to abortion we offer to women and families facing an unplanned pregnancy. Learn how you can be part of our Real Lives campaign at https://friendsoffirstlook.org/reallives/.

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