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Be a Real Difference Maker!

How many opportunities do you get to make a life-saving impact? Everyday, we hear real stories from expectant mothers who face the toughest decision of their lives. 

Because of the generous financial support of individual donors, churches, businesses, local foundations, and the hundreds of thousands of hours given by faithful volunteers, we envision a future where more men and women feel empowered to embrace life, every human life is valued, and the only choice is love.

A gift of $10
provides one pregnancy test kit to a woman

A gift of $25
pays for one set of healthy pregnancy education materials

A gift of $50
provides a pregnancy testing and pregnancy options counseling appointment

A gift of $250
pays for an ultrasound appointment

A gift of $500
pays for 5 months of prenatal and parenting classes

A gift of $1,200
supports a woman from pregnancy test through 4 follow-up appointments

A gift of $1,800
provides operating costs for 1 day at FirstLook

A gift of $3,500
provides ultrasound machine maintenance for 1 year

A gift of $5,000
provides medical supplies for 1 year

A gift of $20,000
provides a part-time sonographer for 1 year

Real Impactful Ways to Get Involved Today!

Become a Life Investor. A gift of any size to FirstLook means more ultrasounds, more nurses and staff, more services and educational classes, and above all, more opportunities for parents-to-be to choose life!

Share the Real Lives Campaign. Telling your friends and family will help FirstLook to increase our impact and help more men and women.

Become a Volunteer. The FirstLook Center and our boutique are always looking for passionate volunteers to help expand the FirstLook mission.

Real Stories from Real People

A First Look at Hope

By Alisha Woodall The phone rang. “Hello, FirstLook Center.”  “I’m looking to have an abortion. Is this the right place to go to?” “We provide

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The Lord Redeems

By Kristi Schott, A FirstLook Client Coordinator Stacy came to FirstLook very serious in her determination that abortion was the best choice for her. She

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So Much More Than A Client

Daesha came to FirstLook for her second pregnancy. She had lived a nomadic lifestyle with her husband in another state and was ready to put down some roots in Ellis County. Daesha came to us with a lot of brokenness and heartache. A past abortion and past abuse played a huge roll in her self-image and the needs she had.

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