Valerie’s Gift

By Alisha Woodall

Valerie is a returning client to FirstLook. She has two beautiful boys ages 4 and 6 and is pregnant with her third baby. 

When she came to FirstLook while pregnant with her second child, she took advantage of our parenting classes. Valerie, who works full-time, was able to take a video course FirstLook was offering at that time. 

She would watch the video then write a one-page paper on what she learned. She loved the classes and even kept all the information and notes she had written that corresponded with each video. 

Valerie asked if FirstLook offered anything similar to the videos when she returned to the clinic with her latest pregnancy, and Shana, her Client Coordinator, was so excited to introduce her to the brand new parenting class option called “BrightCourse.” 

Through BrightCourse, Valerie was given the opportunity to choose from a large list of class offerings. The video link was then sent via text message, and she left FirstLook with the corresponding worksheet, homework and fact sheet. 

Valerie then brought the completed homework back to the clinic the following week and received 10 reward points, which can be used at FirstLook Boutique thrift store for gently used items or at The Looking Glass baby boutique for brand new baby items as she prepares for the birth of her third baby.

Valerie loved this new option for parenting classes. Her favorite so far has been “The Unborn Baby’s Secret World.” She found the stages of development fascinating.

The BrightCourse class options also include “Eating for Two,” “Big Belly Mama Hacks,” “What to Expect Each Trimester,” “Breastfeeding,” and so much more. 

Valerie is just one of several clients who have taken advantage of the BrightCourse classes. The classes have not only been a great resource for the clients, but they have also given Shana extra one-on-one time with her clients and afforded her the opportunity to get to know these precious ladies on a deeper level. 

At one of their appointments, Valerie handed Shana an envelope. Inside was a piece of paper that said, “It’s a girl!” 

Valerie had given Shana the privilege and gift of knowing her baby’s gender … even before she knew herself!

Note: This is a true FirstLook story. Only the names have been changed to protect client identities.

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